Saturday, August 21, 2010

A girl can dream, can't she?

Hot damn summer is almost over!

I am so longing for the early evenings of September. Autumn and winter are a magical time for me personally. To pinpoint my exact moment of zen is easy. My perfect scenario of time and space arrives just as the leaves have fallen. The darkness comes before 7PM and a light dusting of snow is in the forecast. *Sigh*
This is the time when all of the ass- busting work in the garden is most appreciated. Oh, I love to garden. I mean the actual physical labor involved in the process is rewarding. Self satisfaction is gained from growing my own food. Trying the new recipes, and photographing the harvest, these all add interest to the undertaking.

Then as the season changes, the cold weather fronts move in and our garden plot lies silent.

Inside my kitchen, the garden springs back to life. A great dinner comprised of various ingredients that we have preserved is about to served. These home grown delights are made all the better if it's cold enough to build a fire in the fireplace. Let's not forget about how wonderful it is to crank out the baked goods and actually enjoy the heat from the oven too.

For tomorrow, the forecast mentioned nothing about snow. Damn it!

However, I will be canning jalapeno jelly, hot pickled peppers, and a few other random garden things. One beautiful sign that autumn is on it's way....the Black Walnuts are piling up on the ground, ready for my hot little hands to harvest!

And just a little side note...the cake mentioned in the above link stayed fresh and delicious in the freezer for months. Every now and then I would sneak a single piece out for myself and savor it with a cup of coffee!

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