Sunday, August 15, 2010

Campfire Grub

One day this week, I will make a genuine effort to snap some photos of the garden and cook something fabulous, I family could use a good healthy meal. The humble little world of Columbia Creations has seen lots of traveling this Summer 2010. Every week I have high hopes of posting recent garden growth photos. The weekend rolls around, and off we go on some new excursion, leaving the blog world behind.

This is a sample of our menu while camping a few weeks ago.

Steamy hot... right off the fire.

Campfire Potatoes

3lbs. of new red potatoes ( dug a few days earlier)
Olive Oil
Dry Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing
Gallon Size Zipper Baggie

This is just a perfect camping recipe. I transport all of the ingredients in the baggie. Directions are impossible to mess up.

Just minutes before cooking once your fire has sufficient hot coals;
Wash and chop the potatoes
place them in the zipper bag
 drizzle olive oil over potatoes
sprinkle generously with dry ranch dressing
pour the contents of the bag into foil, wrap well in several layers of foil
place indirectly over the fire
 flip occassionally
 test for doneness by poking the potatoes with a fork, when the potatoes are soft they are done!
Caution...Steam is hot!
Not gourmet...just yummy at night time around the campfire.

Shish Kabob

Let's face it ,who hasn't been served Shish Kabob and the meat is over-cooked in an attempt to get the peppers soft, or the meat is cooked perfectly and the vegies are just nasty underdone flavorless hunks.
I solved this problem by making one entire skewer for each individual component of the dish. Once again, this dish is great for camping.
 Each one of the proteins can be placed into marinade before you leave your kitchen. Toss into a baggie and store in the cooler.
The peppers and onions are from my garden, the mushrooms are not...although next year I am hoping to convince Mister that we should grow our own. I found a mushroom growing kit in a catalog. It's cheaper to buy mushrooms from the grocery. My thoughts are... that it might be cool to grow them myself ( I don't really even like them), I just cook them for others. Okay now I'm rambling again!! Back to this Shish Kabob.

It's all very easy to do. Soak the skewers, lace the skewers with items, cook and eat!!

We chowed!!

Life is slightly slower, can there be redemption for stripping myself of all reason and taking on too much? Baby steps.

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