Sunday, August 29, 2010


Yesterday, I cleared the basil, and dill out of my herb garden. I already have a bag of dill tied up and drying so this time around the dill went into the compost pile. My basil dried nicely in the oven. After my day of canning and baking Tomato Pies, the oven was the perfect temperature to dry a cookie sheet covered with basil. On a side note...lerking beneath the basil was a brand new start of oregano. I hope to see this kick it up before a hard frost.

It was purging time in the garden. I pulled up all of my broccoli plants. Months ago I began picking, blanching, and freezing this wonderful vegetable. We actually saw two or more side shoot harvests after the main head was cut. They were done.

  • All of my onions have been pulled and put up for winter use.
  • A few carrots are still lingering.
  •  Tomatoes....ugh don't get me started. I should be picking them now!
  •  Rows of sweet corn have been eaten, some were eaten by us, other rows fed the raccoons. We still have four rows to be picked. The plantings go in every two weeks so that the harvest is staggered as well.
  • Red, Yukon, and Russet Potatoes have been harvested a plenty and we have 6 rows to go.
  • Sweet Potatoes are growing lovely still with no harvest yet.
  • Peppers, Sweet/Red/Yellow/Poblano/Anaheim/Cubanelle/Jalapeno still producing

Okay there you have it my garden update.

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