Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11th

Initially, when the events of September 11th 2001 unfolded, I found myself glued to the television. Almost as if watching some surreal bizarre thing like the O.J. Simpson trial. I wouldn't really call it being entertained, because that would lump me into the same pile with all of the media circus that I grew to resent after the tragedy of that day. It was more like, confused and left in utter despair of what was becoming of our nation.

I quickly chose not to listen, watch, or engage in conversation about "the events" of that day. It seemed cheap and sleezy to watch the hype unfold. Ohhh boy...I'm certain to get some flack about this following paragraph.

From September 11th to the subject of Christianity, everything has to become commercialized. I call it the "Ronald McDonald" mentality. If my loved one died on September 11th or if I were Jesus, I am pretty sure it would piss me off to see the merchandising cashing in on my tragedy! 

As the days unfolded, within weeks of the tragedy. I gave birth to my 4th child. I chose to celebrate life. In the years to follow, every September 11th I have refused to slide into the horror. As my last child is about to turn 9 years old, I thought maybe it was time to examine that day a little closer and make sense of it somehow.

It's big business!! Maybe it is easier for our country to purchase the tacky merchandise, buy into the corny songs written, and buy the bumper stickers, than it is to simply mourn and accept.

I mean it's sort of like how we will feed our kids cheeseburgers sold by some creepy looking clown (even though we know it's unhealthy) just because of the iconic nature of it.

Do we have to reduce everything down to an icon?


  1. I woke this morning to read your comment on my blog and it made me smile..then your 9/11 post made me somewhat mom's birthday is on that day, she has been gone 12 years now and was not here when the world went nuts..she would not have believed anyone was that evil!
    Thanks for your kind words.. I'm normally not one to spout out my personal stuff but the other night in the wee hours feeling sorry for myself was going on. Where better to get it out but on my blog... your comment told me it was ok... next!
    thanks so much

  2. Sandy, The 9/11 post is an unusual post for me. I rarely share personal views on things as well. I like the fact that we are able to show our unique talents, interesting ideas, and still show our "human side" every now and then. Thanks for stopping by. I wished I had your sewing talents. If you only knew the pile of unfinished sewing projects that I would like to tackle.