Monday, January 10, 2011

Chicken with Red Onion Marmalade Pan Sauce

Bacon fat. Two wonderful words. One marvelous ingredient.
The headliner at dinner this evening was the protein.

 Chicken with Red Onion Marmalade Pan Sauce

August of 2010 our garden provided a nice supply of red onions. I love to experiment with methods of preserving the garden treasures. This experimental approach lead me to the Red Onion Marmalade. The marmalade in itself was a stunning product. Add a smidge of bacon fat, and a nice juicy chicken breast and you have one comforting January meal. 

Click here for the Red Onion Marmalade Recipe.
For the sake of display, I removed the marmalade from the jar,  placed it into a zipper bag, and snapped a photograph. I think this is such a unique delicious treat.

A Club aluminum frying pan rocks. Although you can not see the color, this particular fry pan is turquoise and I love how it cooks.
Dab of bacon fat!
Fry the Chickey Dee.
Remove the Chickey Dee.
Simply stir in the Red Onion Marmalade to the hot pan and loosen all of those delicious bits! Cook for a few seconds and you have made one heck of a good sauce.

Bubbly goodness!

This pan sauce was all I had hoped it would be.
So go ahead, buy some red onions and can up some Red Onion Marmalade.
I plan to find a few more uses for this scarlet gem.

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