Monday, January 3, 2011

Presidential Gardens

Tucked away, two centuries ago, I discovered more than a history lesson. There I found the title and subject of this post.

In 2010, I photographed garden sites belonging to 3 U.S. Presidents.
Spring of that year, shortly after Cherry Blossom season, I took these photographs. The Obama garden has an active bee hive which, makes me wonder if I could ever be brave enough to handle bees for the benefit of my garden. My guess is, no.
My camera is nothing spectacular. I do not claim to be a grand photographer. The thrill for me is more than just the photograph, the recording of history in my own vision is far more satisfying.

Oh, I long to stroll out among my garden and have it so mature and eloquently plotted. The Mount Vernon gardens of George Washington just have a way of stopping a person in their tracks and insisting they take notice.

Thomas Jefferson, the architect, gardener, reader, and writer is a fascinating person. The day I visited his garden at Monticello, the crops were humble, simple, and just thawing after a deep snow of December. I took photographs wearing heals, slipping through the mud and wishing I had the day to stay there for hours. What was I thinking in my shoe choice that day? Never-the-less this is what my eye saw that day.

My own garden in 2010 rewarded me the most with sweet potatoes, strawberries, purple carrots.
Curious, what will our 2011 garden reincarnate into?

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  1. I wish I could have a garden as nice.. I live in sandy soil here in sofla and have tried to change the soil but veggies just will not grow in the heat...Thanks for your visit to my blog today and for your comments... as for the 'tips on a fireplace mantel'.. I am pondering building a faux fireplace surround.. just ordered the 'Amish insert' and that is next on the project list!We have had two chilly winters here and the living room has been so cold! Sure will save having to turn on the central heat!
    Happy New Year to you and yours!