Thursday, March 17, 2011

Garden 2011

Our weather took a turn for the better today. I planted peas, spinach, and romaine lettuce. All of which I have grown many times. As for the spinach though, this year I plan to harvest and freeze it. We usually just pile the  tender spinach leaves into our salads or I make soup with it. Ditto for the peas. Romaine lettuce leaves me blank on how one could go about preserving it for later use.

On the subject of nice weather. I know it's too soon to put away the overflowing basket of scarves, gloves, and wool caps. I know better! We have had measureable snowfall far into the month of April before.

We did take the last remaining Christmas lights down today! Mister and I agreed that there was just something disturbing about the shed being decorated like a gingerbread house while we were tilling the garden. Yeah, I know. This is your neighborhoods worst nightmare. We are those people. It's not like we turned them on at night or anything.

It was a -Getting things done with Delores- type of day! Aside from the above mentioned projects, I also managed a little light spring cleaning. Plus, Mister and I played hookie this afternoon and went to our favorite flea market/open air marketplace.

 I hurried home from the flea market today in time to cook a nice St. Patty's Day dinner. It's our version of Irish food anyhow.

Corned Beef Hash  (homemade with the loot I scored at the market)
Rueben Sandwiches

The flea had:
 3 bags of carrots for $1.00
2 huge onions for $1.00
 Corned Beef on sale for $3.99 a lb.

It's a great open air marketplace.

I am considering taking some of my own produce there this summer. Last year a vendor was selling Zinnia's for one dollar a stem! I could make a fortune, well maybe not that much. I could certainly support my habit of shopping for the treasures there.

Sure sign of spring! Hitting the flea markets.

One final mention of the garden. We are growing Sesame this year. I purchased seeds at Monticello while we were on holiday there. I guess Thomas Jefferson was a huge sesame fan. This is a new crop for me, so I'm excited. I suppose any old seeds would have worked. I like the nostalgia of knowing these seeds were harvested from Jefferson's garden, right there at Monticello. I want to go back there in a powerful way.

Happy St. Patty's Day

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