Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Every evening, I read before falling asleep. This time of year, sleep is an elusive thing. The topics of what I read vary. Obviously there's the food related stuff, then there's a blog about how to style one's hair with a 1940's look.

My favorite readings are blogs maintained by writers who do not overtly earn money from the blogger world. Like me, I don't advertise on this blog. I never plan to. One blog actually has a Paypal button installed so that her readers can give her money to "buy ingredients" to cook with, and make posts. Whatever makes the world go around, I guess. Ha, I offer free entertainment if nothing else.
Reading is a luxury for me. Writing this blog is my anti-social way of offering my input on what is near and dear to me. So, this is where I am heading with this. Posting this link.

When I was of school age, I didn't approach the subject of history with gratitude. I'm a history junky now. Yeah, please do not confuse that statement with the notion that I am a historian. It does make me wish that I had an interest in the subject sooner in life. There are not enough evening hours available to take in all of the wonderful writings out there.

Click on the link above. The best of both worlds. History and Food!


  1. Hey, I want a hunk of ambergris to cook with-can you send me a hundred bucks to buy petrified whale vomit?


    Love, love, love the link-I think that may be a new favourite blog haunt.

    you might really like

    Both authors really know their way around history, and cookery.

  2. Further-
    the word verification just gave me, 'hoeness." I'm inspired to start a blog about gardening in revealing attire.

  3. Glad you liked the link. I will have to check out the lostpastremembered. I already read theoldfoodie. I love her quotes.

    Hmmm gardening in revealing attire?

    I like it when the rows of corn get tall enough that my neighbors can't see me, down on my hands and knees, pulling weeds. I'm sure that sight isn't pretty!