Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Sky Is Falling

Living a frugal lifestyle matters for most people alive today. Having a high income level, no matter how significant, is not a license to be wasteful. I'm not insinuating that Mister and I have a high income. We get by. Our world has everything we need to lead happy, healthy, normal lives. The needs of our home are met and our wants are honored within reason. Usually our wants tend to be practical items. We are average independent business owners who work and live our business. If we don't make it happen for ourselves then it doesn't happen. Still our world spins at the pace we set for ourselves and does not revolve around the rest of the species.

I have noticed frugality popping up on the faces of the 20something crowd these days. My confidence is fairly high for our mankind's future based on this observation. There will always be those pretentious up -and- coming pukes that will over spend and under achieve.  But, then there are a few smart ones. The up-and-coming generation of artists, thinkers, and dreamers that are the soul of our country. This crowd knows frugality.

If I hear one more gloom and doom story about the economy, crisis, our country and it's politics I might have to write a very long rant on my blog about it. Oh, wait, I am.

I seek out the frugal. The women who raised their children during the Great Depression understood how to make do. That generation is all but gone. Reading through the pages of a cookbook from that time period is very much a history lesson.

Should the doom sayers of our world have their wish and doom us into some cataclysmic collapse, then you had better believe, the survivors will be the artists, thinkers and dreamers. Because they know how to "get by" and "make do."

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