Friday, March 25, 2011


Seeds sealed inside of a strip of paper. Brilliant ?

Five hundred and seventy carrot seeds, measured with precision for me. This is my luxury seed purchase this year. The thrill of growing a garden is part due to the experimental process. Ya never know. My 2011 carrot crop should be pretty little even rows (or not) if the planting strips are a success. After the two years prior of growing carrots this seems like a worthwhile adventure. For all I know these have been around for years. They are new to me and I'm curious.


Two years ago I learned the lesson of proper thinning of my carrot crop. As you can see by the photo, each carrot did not have proper room to develop. Delicious though.

Rainbow carrots were the whim of 2010. I thinned the plants better and came out with a fuller vegetable. The purple carrots were swell with purple cabbage in coleslaw. The red carrots were stunning too.

Will the planting strips of carrot seeds be a lazy man's way, or is it better living through new methods?

Either way, I will be making carrot cake this Autumn with fresh, grown in my yard, carrots.

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