Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garden Update

Slow moving and steadily making progess is my anthem. So, in that fashion garden updates are forth coming.

 Has anyone out there grown Sesame before? If so, please share your techniques and tips with me. I have planted a total of 20 seeds. Only 3 have sprouted. One of which died before forming leaves. The healthy one is moving along so slowly. It seems as if the crop may be perfectly matched to my lifestyle, if indeed slow is the way sesame is suppose to grow. The 3rd plant is barely sprouted. I have planted in intervals and babied each planting. Well, we'll see, I guess.

little sesame

Surely you can guess the strawberries are rockin'.

Peas glorious Peas
Blanched and frozen. A little bit each day, I have harvested the pea crop and noshed on a few right off the vine.

The cabbage red and green are thriving well. The crazy sexy cabbage of last year seems to be performing an encore this summer. Cauliflower and Broccoli haven't formed heads yet. The plants are sturdy and thriving well.
Carrot patch is full of weeds and I'm blaming it on the paper strip in which the seeds were contained. Of course, operator error is always a good possibility. The carrots that were hand sown though are not as weed filled so, what's a girl to think?

We have dug about 5 pounds of Yukon Gold taters already.

I hope your garden is thriving too, or at least you are taking advantage of the local farmers market.

as for me.... I am going down to the river to pray:)
Have a great weekend.

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