Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Peas Glorious Peas

A cool weather crop, my peas were planted when the air in Ohio was cold and snow threatened still to fall. I selected Little Marvel Peas because this seed is an early maturing variety. March 17th was the planting date and the first sprouts were seen on April 10th. By the first week of June, we were picking mature peas. On the gratification scale of gardening, peas weigh in very high. Considering the planting time to table time, this crop is a winner.

The seeds were purchased from a local discount store and were 70% off the price of $1.79. I have used less than half of the original seeds. Peas are not an expensive vegetable in the grocery store. However, growing and freezing my own fresh peas, just has a simplicity to it that I can't resist. Round 2 will be planted mid to late August. With cooler weather returning in September, a 2nd harvest will be right on time. Economically speaking, the initial investment of pennies will save me dollars.

Most of my recipes, requiring peas as an ingredient, need one cup or less. I have been blanching and freezing small quantities. I could eat peas with a little butter and pepper, simply as a side dish. Mister, however prefers them hidden in something like Homemade Pot Pie.

This is a great recipe for Barley and Peas.

In my last post there was the mention of the river. We spent 4 days and three night camping along the Mohican. The river was hypnotic.
When I count to three, I will wake-up and return to the real world refreshed and ready to pull weeds in the garden....ugh
The Mohican River

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