Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to grow garlic.

This fall, I will remind you to plant your garlic.

 Garlic is planted 6 weeks before the ground freezes. All winter long, the plant does it's thing, with no help from the gardener. The rows are easily kept weed- free during the spring and summer growing season. Plant in November, harvest in July, save some of your crop to replant again in November. Sounds easy, it is easy.

It's a good thing I learned to garden years before the all mighty internet came along. Various gardening websites make a simple task sound so technical and difficult. Growing plain ordinary garlic is simple. If I were a new gardener searching the internet for gardening tips, there's a good chance I would become discouraged. Instead, I'm going to offer an easy, no fuss method below.

Garlic, just prior to pulling.

This is how I grow garlic.

  • In November loosen a nice area of soil for your garlic to be planted.
  • Break apart a clove of garlic and plant a clove section about 1 inch deep in rows spaced at 3 feet apart and each clove section 8 inches apart.
  • Around the time the ground is covered in snow and the sun peaks through the dark grey skies, you will see garlic growth.
  • Late June/early July the garlic will be ready, the plant tips will yellow.
Sorry, I can't complicate this process for you, by sounding all high-tech. It's a simple task, really.
This fall, when I plant my garlic again, I am going to strive to plant some exotic garlic. Exotic garlic may serve to provide a challenge, and offer a more lively garlic post next July. As of now, take heart, grow some garlic.
Easy, slow and rewarding.
 My kind of crop.

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