Monday, June 27, 2011

Useful Knowledge

Some Old...Some New
Salem Centennial Cookbook
Salem Mennonite Church
Kidron, Ohio

This cookbook was a score at the price of $2.00. What makes a good cookbook? The recipes, yes, but I enjoy the reading sections found in some books. This book will never leave my collection. For the recipes, and for the cool section with the helpful hints.
One would think after having kept house for almost 30 years, I would be in the category of ; the know it all kid. Guess again, here are a few helpful hints that were new to me. Maybe, they are new to you also.

Baking and Cooking Hints

Plastic bags found in some cereal boxes make excellent freezing bags for freshly baked muffins, bread etc.

Kitchen Aids

Crafters can wash the stiff plastic piece used in bacon packaging in hot sudsy water. Reuse this item when doing small cutting jobs. This is also a good portable cutting board that is easily disposed of at picnics and outings.

Misc. Hints

Cut through sandpaper several times to sharpen scissors.

Another great sections in this cookbook is called 1913 Hints. I'm curious what that will hold. If there's anything interesting, I'll let you in on it!
 Stay Cool!

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