Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tomatillos and Pintos

The moisture in the air today made the garden feel like a sauna. Our part of the world had heavy rainstorms last night, leaving behind a sweltering lush environment for plant growth. I hang my head in utter embarrassment at the sight of our garden plots. The plant growth includes weeds that have taken over the nicely spaced rows.What started out in the spring as perfect little straight rows, have become brambles of tangled growth.

Crops are still thriving.

Garden photography was a little tricky today. Everytime I moved the camera close for a clickety click, the lense would steam-up.

Tomatillos, hooray, grown from seed.

Pinto Beans,the pods have started to go from green to yellowish-pink.
I'm charmed by them.

Never before have I allowed my oregano plants to flower and go to seed. The honey bees are glad to find the delicate pink blooms. The taste of their honey would be scrumptious, I wonder?

When the air cools down tonight, peppers will be harvested. Hot banana and Sweet banana. Someones canning pepper rings tonight, I guess!

Ah, bullshit on the weeds. It's too late now to catch up on two weeks of neglect. I plan to harvest the mighty goods as they come available and till the weeds under when I'm done.

Just waiting on the outdoors to give me a few days of humid free, breezy weather with temperatures in the mid- 70's, then I will be all over those pesky unsightly growths. Really, I will.

The main broccoli head has been harvested from most of the plants. These are side shoots, can you believe the size of these. Ususally, our broccoli gives small side shoots perfect for raw munching. These are large enough to divide up.

It ain't pretty. it's still rocking out. free food.

I just came home from a great time in Virginia, photographing other people's gardens. Even the mansions, with their hired gardening staff, had their share of unsightly areas. Photos soon to follow.

For now, a peppering I will go!

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