Sunday, July 31, 2011


A recent trip to Virginia brought new sights and a return of old favorites. Mount Vernon will always remain on my list of favorite places on this earth. To stand in the dining room of this mansion and gaze into the very mirror George Washington himself once gazed into, gave me chills. Photos are not allowed inside the home. If I could take only one photo, it would be of that mirror. How many reflections have stared back through that piece of glass? This fascinates me. To sit on the porch, look out over the Potomac River, is surreal beyond words.

The Chatham Manor with it's thrilling history, could easily occupy my time for an entire day. Take a minute of your time to click over and read about this fascinating place that still exists on this planet.

Tulip Poplar Tree on the grounds of Chatham Manor
dates back to pre Civil War times.

The Battle of the Sunken Road ranked among the new favorites for me. Our tour guide was very well versed, bringing the battle to life with his words. I hope my photos have spurred your interest, giving you the same sense of patriotism, as I gained during my visit.

While in Fredricksburg, I had my palm read, enjoyed delicious seafood, and ate alligator for the first time. 


Please visit the places rich in our nations history and learn from it. It's such a great way to spend time with your family.

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