Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear Deer

One row at a time the critters (in my best Elly Mae Clampett voice) have eaten all of our corn. No, they couldn't eat the 400 Roma tomatoes that need picked and canned. They have to nibble their way through our small little plot of sweet corn.

Dear Deer,

Please eat the tomatoes and leave our corn alone.

Thank You In Advance,
Mister and Me

Yesterday, I cooked a venison roast. I'm experimenting with different cooking methods to determine our favorite. Mister is on a mission to bag 4 deer this hunting season so, I need to brush up on my wild game cookery.

Thankfully, Goody had sent me an interesting cookbook, with recipes for the food that Abraham Lincoln liked to eat. There I found a venison roast recipe. The roast recipe was interesting, but my Friday plan is to turn the venison roast into a chili. I might have to follow Goody's recipe.

That'll serve those damn deer for eating all of my sweet corn. Off with their heads!

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