Saturday, August 27, 2011

Head, Heart, Hands, and Health

Do you have a 4H group in your part of the world? As as a kid, I joined the group, I took a few flower arrangements and baked goods to our local county fair.
I remember my first flower garden very well. My mom handed me a few packages of mixed flower seeds and turned me lose to sow them as I wanted. I loved the Zinnia's and Bachelor Buttons that grew in my little round flower bed. I was about 8 years old at the time.
Now, my youngest daughter is interested in gardening and growing her own little green space. Although, as the gardening season is winding down, she did comment "maybe next year we could just have one big garden again". I'm not sure she enjoyed the maintenance part of her very own garden. Her herbs would have made a good 4H project.

She planted basil and flat leaf parlsey in the herb part of her garden.

My parents grew a huge garden back in the 70's. Mom will tell you how neat and weed free their garden was kept. She home canned most everything they grew. These days her time is spent working in the flower beds. On a recent trip to her house for a birthday celebration, I snapped a few photos of her garden.

She grows lovely Hibiscus flowers.

When I arrived at Mom's with her birthday cake, she said "Let me move the salad bowl". I love her salad growing right on her patio table.She's just a snip away from eating fresh greens.

A growing, living salad bowl.

Here and there are little eye catchers among the blooms.

The ceramic shoes just looked so magical placed beneath the huge tree.

Another pretty little bloom.

In the spring, this whole area in front of the garage, is a tulip and daffodil color explosion.

 I have been fortunate to photograph gardens of many famous people but, my mom's garden has a warmth like none other. Perhaps it's because I know how hard she works to maintain it. She keeps a spiffy garden still to this day, and she is now in her 70's.

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