Friday, September 23, 2011

All American

Would you describe yourself as All-American? Is this a catch phrase that could be applied to your family/children? Has our nation left behind the idea of being All-American? Is this the change we have all heard about lately?

For one reason or another our country is digressing from a once proud cohesive identity. It's not cool anymore to just be an American. Our tax funded public school systems rarely honors "All-American Citizens" as they once did. Everyone seems to feel the need to identify with some smaller more micro managed version of patriotism. What happened to being All-American?

Our ideals as human beings define these words.

Think about how many sub-categories we have become. We are now Jewish American, Muslim American, African American, Gay American, or White American.

Can I be a Straight, White, All- American please and I'd like to upgrade that with an addition of Female-American.

If we are divided against ourselves how can we ever expect to stand strong as a whole.

Being an All-American requires a strong citizen, one who values and protects the freedoms we all have the right to express and enjoy. Stand out as an exceptional human being who values life and strives to improve their world.

Oh, times are a changin', they say.

In my opinion, it's okay to have Black pride or Gay pride or any other individual self pride and worth. I have a good dose of White Pride. When I say this, it makes me sound like some kind of white supreme radical. I'm NOT! I don't feel the need to micro manage my identity down into a cute little catchy grouping.

 I'm an American. That's all.

Our nation has survived hard times in the past. In part, this has been due to our pride in All-American ideals. This makes us solid, strong, and able to bear hardships. I believe with each and every sub-category we weaken our solid foundation.

Oh, times are a changin', they say.

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