Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Trendy, I am not. That is to say, my marching thru life has always been to a different drum. In fact, if we are using a musical analogy, I'm tone deaf. My position concerning this blog has always been one of not doing advertising of products for material gain. I know... this goes against the basic principal of what America has become.

I'm quite happy with having this blog be a journal of sorts. It's not my job, and I don't write professionally. Damn good thing, I suppose, since punctuation and grammar rules are never adhered to here.

So, what was I thinking recently when I considered the offer from a company to host a giveaway of their product on my blog? I'll admit, it was flattering.
Here I am in my humble little corner of the blog.com world, when an email arrives asking me if I would like to promote their product with a FREE giveaway to my readers and a FREE product for myself as well. An $80.00 value. Really, I would sell out for a measely 80 bucks? Almost.

The company is internet based, the software is something I would use. Several of my readers may use the software as well. The idea of offering a FREE item to my readers seemed fun & trendy.

I agreed, only to the extent, that I be able to try the product before endorsing it. This sounds reasonable to me.

Time is a precious commodity for all of us. I wasted several hours last night trying to get the companies product to install. This failure was not due to operator error. I'm not about to jump through the hoops of trouble shooting some product, then turn around and endorse it, with smiles on my fingers as I type the review. So, needless to say I will not be doing this giveaway.

Really, are giveaways just a cheap cry for attention anyhow? I would hope my readers visit this blog, just for the sake of enjoying themselves, while meandering  the "ins and outs" of my ordinary world.

In the time wasted trying to get this product to work, I could have baked something great to share with you. I certainly could have taken photos of what is left of the garden. Or told you stories of my dogs and their folly in the river over the weekend. But, no, I was too busy trying to swallow the baited hook of FREE.

Trendy is to offer giveaways. This is networking. Everyone benefits. The company offering the free merchandise gets traffic to their product. I get traffic to my blog. Trendy, cute little package.
But, I'm not trendy!

The correct and polite thing is to thank the company for finding my blog of interest and considering it a good place to advertise their product. I am polite. Thanks for your interest.

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