Sunday, November 27, 2011

November Musings

Thanksgiving proper was smooth and relaxing. Mister's mom had us for dinner, my biggest contribution was to bake the sweet potato casserole and help wash dishes. The food was delicious and the company enjoyable. The day just flew by. That evening Mister and I came home, with Aimee staying at Grandma's.

Mister took a little snoozer then off to the crazy Black Friday sales starting at 11PM. I've been sick so my pace was off. Mister is hard to keep up with on a good day. We all know, this ole girl moves slow. By 1:30 AM we are back in the car headed to another location. This continued until Mister burned out his energy and we finally came home to sleep at around 5AM. We are shopper and observers on Black Friday. Honestly, we do a large portion of our shopping online. With adult children, its much easier to just have them email a wishlist to me and choose from their selections.

After a brief sleep, at 10AM on Friday we were back in the car driving into shopping purgatory. We made smart purchases, laughed our asses off at the crazy people shopping in their pajamas (really people, have a little class and put on some pants) then had a fairly decent late lunch. Brace yourself because this is where the ranting comes in.

What the hell has happened to our civilization that we find it acceptable to go shopping in our night wear? Mothers who drag their screaming children out into the stores at 1AM are damned irresponsible! If you are so tired you can't put on real clothes maybe you and your children need to stay home. If I had only saw one or two people doing this then I could have overlooked it and dismissed them as the goof balls among the masses. But, the fact of the matter is, I saw many automobiles lugging around their car seat aged children. Go home! Read a book to your kid!

The stores were a disaster when we traveled back out the second time. Mister approached a manager at one store with a concern and she looked at him as if to say " I have biggger problems buddy". See, we had pulled a shopping cart from the stack, only to find someone had puked all over one of them and stuffed napkins on top in an attempt to wipe the handle off. (my guess is some screaming kid just puked from terror and stress). Can you say ewwww? I'm not a germaphobe but, come on!

Well, I'm thankful for many things in my personal life. My family and my friends are reasonable people. We need very little in terms of material things and want for even less. Mister and I are blessed with our health and happiness. We work damned hard and know how to relax and have fun when the occasion calls for it. I did cook this holiday. Saturday, we roasted Mister's turkey (killed in the spring) and a store bought bird. My goal of preparing everything from our garden fell short. Our home grown Yukon Gold potatoes always make a fabulous addition to the meal. We so enjoyed taking some time away from work to feast on Saturday. A table set for 3.


  1. I laughed so hard at, "Go home! Read a book!" I nearly peed myself.

    Can sweat pants/track suits count as clothing that shouldn't be worn away from home? We see quite a bit of that in my part of the country. Mr. ETB has a really horrible baggy, white pair of sweats he wears to take the trash to the pit, or mow the lawn. I keep threatening to embroider, "Juicy" across the bum, so he can wear them fashionably out in public.

  2. Activewear and Sleepwear are sold in different sections of the store. Obvious sleepwear should be for sleeping only. Don't you think? Not wandering around a shopping mall. We have 3 daughters and words written across their butts has never been a fashion they were allowed to wear. I'm not trendy. Mister wears crocs and track pants, umm, unfortunately he has his own mind. LOL. Juicy is probably a better choice than Crusty.