Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sweet Treats

A highlight of my weekend was taking photos of rock candy. I think the chocolate snacks (aka puppy chow, aka muddy buddies) are portion sized perfectly for adding to a gift basket. I can only take credit for the photograph. Another highlight was eating the puppy chow and rock candy without actually making it myself.

Rock candy is a product I have never attempted to make. My daughter Anna actually gets credit for the entire project. Life is great when your kid enjoys doing projects that makes life easier for you. Don't worry, she is old enough to drive a car and she's old enough to handle hot, lava like, rock candy.

As quality control, err mom of the family, I felt it my duty to be the taste tester of the puppy chow. I love the stuff. The bonus for me was in the fact that someone else made it for me. This is a new perk for me as a mom, to accept that my kids can do some stuff better than me. Rock Candy is an example of that. I will check with Anna on which recipe she used. I'm sure there are many favorites out there to be found.

I am curious to know if I will be a mom with empty nest syndrome. I like watching my kids grow and become independent. There is a real sense of pride in having your child take initiative and dazzle you with their brilliance.

I hope your weekend was one of highlights and brilliance too.


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