Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Someone must be cranky!

I like my sheltered view on the world. My head isn't buried in the sand, I just chose to pick my battles carefully and not engage myself into every breaking news story. So, as you read this, be reminded that I avoid local news broadcasts like a pap smear. There are not enough anti-anxiety and anti-depressants in the world to make me feel okay about watching the horror mankind inflicts on another. By and large most local newscasts are filled with sensationalism which provides information  I really do not need to know.

With that said, a recent news story has stuck in my craw. Since this is my blog, I believe I have the executive power to voice my opinion openly. I feel this is fair because there is a comment section below if you feel passionately in the opposite or same position from me.

Really, what the hell is this Occupy stuff. It's like some hurricane created to take the focus off other pressing issues in our world. So, Occupy is pissed about the cost of a university education. I'm pissed about the cost of cream cheese!

Why does anyone believe themselves entitled to a college education? Why should tuition be more affordable? I have to buy the knock off brand of cream cheese because the philly brand is out of my league. If you can't afford the tuition to attend a university consider a tech certificate, or get really good at selling cars. Hell, I don't know why we have convinced ourselves that everyone is, and should be college bound.

So, you want to have a higher education but the tuition is too high. Universities are a business employing educated professors and the non-educated janitors. One main difference is the janitor didn't feel the need to go into debt for a degree in order to find employment/success/happiness. Just because we want something that does not mean we are entitled to it.

Things worth having are worth working for! Education debt is out of control in our country. Who is to blame? The university, the banks, the government, the economy. Nope, in my opinion, it's the graduating high school kids who apply for ridiculous tuition loans and then default on them. Kids who probably should have considered that janitor position. Kids who could have worked full time for a few years, saved a few bucks and then applied for college.

Well isn't this grand, I have a shiny new diploma to hang on my wall.  sarcasm

Oh shit I owe how much money for that diploma?
Wah, that's not fair. I paid too much for my diploma.
Wait, What?, I have to actually work now?
But, I don't want to pay back my student loans.
Tuition is too high. (whiney voice)

Turns out in a blind taste test I can't tell the difference between the philly brand and the store brand of cream cheese.

Turns out people with really high priced educations make great janitors.

A word of advice to those considering continued education.
 If you can't afford it, re-consider.
Try living within your income.
 We all want bigger and better stuff.
 More is never enough.
 Education equals debt in this world.
 Get over it!

The expression goes "Work smarter, not harder"
I believe in some cases the expression should be 'Work harder, not smarter"

Yikes, I'm actually going to click Publish...

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