Friday, November 18, 2011


There is a holiday parade tomorrow, it's the kick off to the celebrating season for me. Our Christmas tree is up and decorated, not because I'm overly effecient. Mostly because I saw a slight lull in our calendar and decided to roll with it.

 My house is in some wacked holiday limbo. The crepe paper turkey is sitting on the shelf above my Christmas tree. Oh, the pilgrims and gourds are out. Just shoved back on the counter, buried by the santa crafts and cookie recipes.

I want to make Turkish Delight this year. I have had the recipe earmarked for quite some time. The Narnia movies inspired the idea, and when I found a recipe, my brain stuck on the notion.

I celebrate Christmas. I may have mentioned this before, but I celebrate in a secular way. Secular is the word Christians use to describe us non-church going folk.

If you celebrate Kwanza or Hanukkah can you tell me if there is a pressure associated with that holiday for you? My christian friends and family are quite intense in their thinking. That intensity and seriousness over shadows the folly for me.

From tomorrow until January 2nd I plan to make merry as much as possible.

Thanksgiving dinner at my house will be cooked on Friday. Just a few of us around the table this year. I'm serving a rustic meal of sorts. The traditional family favorites will be on our menu. My goals of cooking and plating an entire meal of only grown and hunted ingredients is still in the plan. I'll be using very few store bought ingredients for this portion of the menu.

I can promise you, my family would not be happy if there was no pecan pie. We don't grow pecan trees in Ohio so, some exceptions will need to be made. Hey, it's my goal, I can mix it up as much as I want.

Have a great weekend.

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