Friday, December 30, 2011

Selections of Distinction 2011

The main reason I have chosen to be a single tasker, and a slow moving creature is, I like to maintain  my composure and have healthy thinking. Women have come to expect that a "meltdown" is acceptable. Well, they are not! It is not okay to be so busy performing for the audience of others that we need medications or booze to control a level of calm. Modern women have more appliances, convenient food packaging, and luxury items at our disposal than ever before. Yet, we stuggle for enough hours in the day to find time for ourselves. This should not be.

It's no surprise for the audience of my daily world to read my writings, admiting to being a woman of deep emotions. As I stumble out of bed each day, most likely my thoughts will be fixed on a lingering vision from the nights dream. Carrying this trancelike joy or burden with me for the first few (10 or so) minutes of the new day. During an especially tough time in life, a very wise man told me "Our thoughts create our emotions." Well, of course they do.  By our own act of thought discipline, or lack thereof, we create our own moods/emotions for the day.

In 2011, along the way, I compromised here and there on my philosphy of slowing down. As the year progressed, I caved more and more into the bullshit of busy. By years end I found myself stressed out and in tears by Christmas week. Exhausted, it has now taken a few days of exercising my thought discipline to get me back into the right frame of mind/emotions.

Below are a few gems I've added to my personal inventory. The selections have in some way served to make the year joyous or at least thought provoking. I will carry these selections with me into a new year. I  will continue on my slow moving lifestyle journey and leave you with a challenge. Challenge yourself to say "No" to committments requiring additional use of your time. Peaceful meditation is so underated.

My Selections of Distinction for 2011

Say Darling Say by Nora Jane Struthers
I require my music to lift my spirit in a positive way! Hooray for artists in the music industry that use their talents to make our days better.

My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler
Just because sometimes, I like my readings, to be trashy and funny. It's not a great book. Mindless and escape like!

Memory Jar by Steamy Kitchen
This will be a nice addition to 2012. I'm already looking forward to reading the slips of paper on New Year's Eve 2012.

Eat The Blog
Goody inspired me to form a family library room. I'll do a blogpost about our family library project in January 2012.

Mister and I gallivanted quite a bit this year. The tour of President Rutherford B. Hayes home is my pick for my favorite place I visited in 2011. Mrs. Lucy Hayes and her life captivated me.

New Blog   ( as in a new blog I discovered in 2011)
Down To Earth by Rhonda
A woman after my own heart. The philosphy and roots of Columbia Creations is echoed back and expanded on through the writings of Rhonda.

Old Blog  (as in I've been reading and still reading)
Exploring Food My Way
Before I became a blogger, there was Tino. His writings made me click over to the blogger world... day after day. Kudos to him for writing with sincere conviction using a professional informed manner! If only I could dine-out as regularly and with such flair.

Garden Crop
Pinto Beans Win! The pinto beans were really satisfying to grow. My only experience with pintos prior to 2011 was the dried version found in plastic bags at the grocery store. This crop was simple to grow, easy to harvest, and even easier to store for winters use.

Garden Inspiration
Well, of course, President Thomas Jefferson. Growing sesame seeds proved to be a huge challenge. This crop like no other kept me on my gardening toes. If not for the inspiration of Jefferson and Monticello, I may have given up. I'm glad I saw it through to fruition.

New Recipe
Carrot Slaw Salad
Recipes like this excite me.

Recipe Revisited (used time and time again)
Scalloped Cabbage  Cabbage gets a bad rap if you ask me. This recipe puts the old opinion of cabbage left in the dust. Mmmm I think I will make this for the New Years Day!

It's Friday and this chick will be enjoying every minute of the last few hours of 2011. I'll be on the couch with my dog, my laptop, and a few good cookbooks! Happy New Year!

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