Monday, January 16, 2012

Bad Day

Fiction was something I cared about reading during my early 30's. Blogs are great because (we think) they are written by real people in a real way. Sure, there are plenty of biography choices out there. Famous people stories. I like to read "not famous" people stories.

 Scrolling through < the next blog>... damn there are a lot of people out there telling their stories.

What I do not like to read, weight loss, ADHD, running, and religion.

 I clicked <next blog> several dozen times, and what do ya, weight loss, ADHD, running and religion. Great.

Maybe, it's just one of those days.

A few months back I shelled out over $1,000.00 to crown a tooth.

My thousand dollar tooth looked great, then this weekend came, after sucking down as many ibuprofens as humanly allowed, I knew a dentist visit was in my future.

 The pain started on Thursday, the same tooth, I am already a grand into. By Saturday night, I felt like I was in child birth labor as the waves of pain came across my face and then subsided. This morning (Monday) I woke up to a swollen face. Yeah Great!

I call the dentist and began telling them...I have facial swelling and have been in pain all weekend. She says "Can you come in tomorrow at 3:00?"
Hellllllloooo, you already charged me a thousand dollars to fix a tooth that I now have severe pain with and facial swelling, and you want me to wait another 28 hours before you can squeeze me in?

Of course, I was handed a bill for eighty three bucks today. A prescription for an antibiotic and a referral to a specialist.

Gee really, this dentist couldn't have told me a few months ago when I was shelling out a small fortune that their office wouldn't be totally fixing the tooth. They sure made it look pretty with their crown. No one mentioned to me that a root canal would be needed to be done by a specialist because my root is at a 90 degree angle. This seemed to be something of a surprise to them today....didn't they look at the x-ray last time?
Nope, they pocketed my thousand dollars, gave me a pretty tooth and waited...until my pain came. What the hell happened to common decent behavior. GREED!

Blog reading is my equivalent to "Calgon take me away". Every evening, I settle down to read until my eyes can no longer stay open and I wait for sleep.

Shit, I need to find some new links to read. Where are all of the weary middle aged women with dental concerns and failed attempts at baking yeast coffeecakes. Misery loves company.

Tonight I found perfect people with perfect lives and perfect photo blogs. I want real people!

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