Saturday, January 14, 2012

Black Bottom Coconut Bars

Black- Bottom Coconut Bars

All that remained on the cake plate this morning was a smidgen of crumbs and coconut shards. Everyone must have liked this recipe, judging by the rate in which it was consumed. Assembly was easy and the ingredients were nothing fancy. I had a half bag of coconut leftover from Christmas baking, this recipe made good use of that. I printed this straight from the Martha Stewart website. Just click the link to get your copy too.

I'm a home cook, not a chef. I have tried various recipes from websites and walked away disappointed on occasion. Food stylist can make anything look appetizing. I look at photos, read ingredients, and consider if it's worth a shot to try the recipe. Then I realize, the photograph was far superior to the table result. This recipe left a good impression, one that I thought you might enjoy too.
Try these nice little cookie bars.
I used a 9"spring form pan, the recipe calls for a 9" square pan. My results were still great.

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