Thursday, January 5, 2012

Striking Balance

Like most of you out there, I flit around on the internet, clicking from one thing to the next. Hoping to land on something which holds my attention and makes me want to add the spot to my list of favorites. I'm learning to strike a balance between clicking, and physically turning the page of an actual hold in my lap book with pages.
This would be the motivation between creating our family library room. I love my books, especially the cookbooks. They have been scattered about the house, usually in piles of 5 or more. Piles small enough that I can manage them easily with pen and notepad in hand. This is where the newly forming room in our house will serve to be very valuable to me. One huge offthenet area. (Yes, I'm coining the phrase. nah some smart ass on the internet has probably already used it) To my knowledge though, I'm a genuis. Anyhow, my offthenet area will include all of those things in which my heart holds dear. Post it notes, books, and my children's artwork.
The space isn't large enough for comfortable seating (like an office chair) That's okay though, the intention of it's purpose will still remain.
Today the offthenet pile in front of me includes the following reading material. Some of which I have been motivated to purchase because of some fascinating reading found on the internet. Yes, don't worry I'm not going "Adam" on you. (Northern Exposure reference). My internet flitting serves to be a good source for book purchase inspiration.

Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan
The Wise Encyclopedia of Cookery
Home Baking Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid
Maida Heatters Book Of Great Cookies Maida Heatter
Olde Time Recipes by Cleveland Press
Some Old Some New by Salem Mennonite Church Kidron, Ohio

Anna will be hanging in the kitchen with me this weekend, something good has to come of that. Here's to making healthy resolutions that function for our own greater good!

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