Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Boxes and Cake

Are you a routine type person? Does each day hold the exact same familiar functions? I have a handful of tasks that are consistently performed each day. Aside from basic household obligations, I'm pretty much spontaneous. Today, I woke up with a hankering for cake. Homemade cake. Goody over at Eat The Blog has a Friday cake blogging category that sent me drooling for some kind of fruity delicious dessert. Alas, my cake pans are packed in moving boxes! What was I thinking? You see, we are moving. I don't know for sure where we are moving to. But, we are.

Columbia Creations has been my place to document life. This blog has one consistent theme, the theme of my real daily life. Not a life of routine. This blog is merely a documentation of  our adventures as a family. The garden, our supper meals, and sweet treats, are all part of our real life. If my words contribute to the greater good of mankind, then purpose has been created.. From my own experience, reading blogs can hold an endearing quality. I read several blogs on an almost routine basis. It seems only natural for me to share with you this latest adventure of relocating the world of Columbia Creations. If you read about my world here, it seems only fair to inform you that our routine has changed.

 My cake craving will have to be subdued by the last piece of a store bought angel food cake, still sitting in it's plastic container on the kitchen counter. If I'm lucky, a few rogue strawberries are still out in the garden. A dollop of yogurt with a few scrawny berries, atop the mass produced cake, this will have to suffice. Because I'm sure as hell not unpacking those cake pans today!

Nothing causes such a break in routine as moving. Mister and I made the decision about 6 months ago to move our life down a different path. Little by little we have started the process of boxing up the things that are not needed for daily life operations. Today, I would have liked some of my half-assed familiar routine. My gardens are bare. My cake pans are packed.

The one consistent theme of my spontaneous daily routine now is.... the torture of hurry up and wait! Real estate transactions do not care about my damn craving to bake cake. The paper work process doesn't care that I want to plant some onions and transplant my blueberry bushes.

Real daily life doesn't hold much glamour in which to share with you. As of now.

 Enjoy your routine today, if that is how you function.

 Think of me today as you go about your daily real life.

 For somewhere in the hodge podge of my daily routine I will be thinking of you and planning my next blog post for your reading pleasure.

One day soon, I hope to be sharing the photos and adventures of our new world!

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