Monday, May 14, 2012

Garden Free Sort Of

You will never believe this but, I am only accepting volunteers this year from the plant kingdom. So far, the garden has several carrots growing. The carrots have wintered over. I noticed their tiny little tops poking up through the snow in December. They just sat there. Slowly growing and waiting for the soil to warm. I wondered what they looked like below the ground. I pulled one of them up a few days ago and I will be darned if it wasn't a carrot indeed. No worse for the wear despite having been in the ground for like 7 months now. Are they a freak of nature or what?
 My oregano is thriving like mad. The cilantro has bolted and is going to seed already. And standing all alone in the mix is one lonesome snap dragon.
Can you see the carrots in the background behind the lonely snap dragon?

I would like to sound all holy and tell you that I am practicing soil conservation or something glamorous like that. My excuse could be that I want to let my garden plot heal and bring forth greater fruit next year. Yes, you might like hearing my hippie interpretations of great and wonderful protection of the soil. Truth is, I am planning to utilize my local farmers market for all of my vegetables this summer. I think it will be an adventure to compare and explore the area for the biggest and best produce that local Ohio has to offer.

My luscious herbs didn't get the memo and they are flourishing like mad. Despite the dormant land all around the herb bed, there they are, growing without any help from me.

The oregano needs dividing. One oregano plant is approximately 3 foot in width. This is enough oregano to last a very long time.
One nice thing about the cilantro going to seed already is, well of course the seeds are coriander, but more than that, I will have another round of cilantro soon. Cilantro growth is very similar to raising rabbits. It multiplies and multiplies. Bolt, seeds, drop seeds, plant grows, bolts, seeds, drops seed, plants grow, and on and on.

June should bring me gallons of strawberries. My strawberry rows are not neat and the weeds are plentiful. Yet, still the pretty little white flowers are forming and soon I will be drinking fresh strawberry smoothies.

I see a strawberry rhubarb pie in Mister's furture.
And the gem of it all. My rhubarb is up. Honestly, I had forgotten all about this guy. The plant was a gift from a local orchard last year. I plopped it into the edge of the garden and left it alone. As I knelt down to pull weeds from around the snap dragon, I saw the deep red of the rhubarb struggling to grow through the dandelions. I must admit to being excited at the sight of the rhubarb. Rhubarb research is ahead of me. My knowledge about this plant is limited and I'm really glad it volunteered. I do know how good it tastes in a pie so I will honor this plant and eat it.

I have lemon thyme, chives, sage, and blueberries!
blueberries bushes x2 still growing and thriving

Hopefully, I find the time to fasten a net over the blueberry bushes before the birds have their way with them and devour every little berry. I just opened my last bag of blueberries from the freezer stash. Last year my bushes produced a small harvest. I supplemented my own harvest with local grown fresh blueberries that I washed and froze lickety split. All winter long we have had the best tasting fruit rolling out of the old upright freezer.

Come late June or early July I could decided to plant a few onions and what nots. As of now, my garden of 2012 will be very meager. However, the 'Gardens of Others' category should be seeing plenty of action as I follow local farmers markets.

I hope you will enjoy my posts about the markets offered in Ohio.

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