Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rainy Days

Halloween and I are not friends. October brings just about every combination of weather that Ohio has to offer. For that reason, I love October. Today is a rainy spring like day. Yesterday was as warm as a beautiful summer day. In years past, we have trick or treated in the snow. I do enjoy the aura of silly floating around on the actual hour of Halloween trick or treat day. Aside from that, Halloween is way over  rated for me.
Of my 4 children, three of them celebrate Libra birthdays. Which means, for a 3 week period of Autumn, we have our own family jolly going on with birthday celebrations. Maybe that is way Halloween and I are not friends.
Why have we taken holidays that are only one day of the month and turned them into a month long excursion? Back in the day, two days before trick or treat, we decided on a costume and bam, it was time to get the candy!
 Now, Halloween has become, search the internets looking for the latest and coolest costume. Searching the internet for that special cool food items. People decorating their house with lights, floating goblins, huge spiders, You know.
How about this. Carve a pumpkin. Put on a silly mask. Eat some candy. I like low maintenance friends.
   Oh Yeah, Making Pumpkin Roll is a great thing for Halloween. Granny Donna's recipe, can't be beat. Click my link and check it out!

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