Sunday, November 18, 2012

Promises, promises, Promises

I discovered the world of blogging prior to joining Facebook. Facebook is the devil I tell you. The only redeeming side of this social media involves re-connecting with family and old friends. More times than not, I close the page pissed off or frustrated by something incredibly stupid that someone has posted. It's not really a positive part of my life. Why do I open that tab and return for more dribble day after day?

After the presidential election, I had to force myself to not open that page. I'm not expecting puppies and flowers. I realize that the world isn't perfect. Enough already with the gloom and doom. You only live until you die, so why not try to find the good in things. Then, like a sick addiction, facebook crept back into my days again.

Mister and I conduct business online. Our lives are filled with the internet. Blogging started out as my own way of escaping the stress of business. Little by little those worlds started to overlap and blend into each other. No seperation existed between, personal life, business life, and this. My own world of Columbia Creations.

I have my facebook page for this blog. I like the business pages that I look at on facebook. Really, though the blogging world is far more interesting, intelligent, and enjoyable. However, people do not leave comments on my blog. Blogging becomes a one way street with very little feedback. It's not as social.

We seal ourselves off into our safe little apartments and homes. Looking for social life. I believe the sense of community is found online. Just like neighborhoods, the internet has ghettos. Facebook is the ghetto.

Blogging is ultimately my thing, for me. It would be nice to think my words are being read by others. There certainly isn't the instant gratification associated with blogging as with facebook. Oh hell, we have all sold our souls for the faux sense of community.

I walk around my little town and no one is outside. I swear they are all inside posting pictures of puppies and flowers and bitching about the government.

If I put it in writing here, there is a good chance that I will have better self control and avoid dipping into the well of the ghetto juice. I mean really how many times a day does one need to check their facebook? I must have too much free time. It's time to go cook something.


  1. As you have already pointed out in your comment on my blog, we are of similar minds here. And you are so right about blogging mostly being a one way street. I will try to do better at commenting. When November is over. :-) I'm doing nanowrimo in addition to all the usual, and barely have time to read a few of the blogs I follow, much less comment!

  2. When November is over, along comes December. Busy days indeed. I googled nanowrimo, as I was completely lost as to what that meant. LOL! Thanks for the comment :) Have fun with your writing!