Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wal-mart is not shopping.

   If you've ever taken a pre-teen girl clothing shopping, then you can relate to my evening. If you have ever been to a Wal-mart ( I struggle with capitalizing that word) then you can relate to my story.
My youngest daughter has a Christmas program coming up for school. We are not church goers, and she really doesn't own "dressy clothes" Every year we buy her an outfit for her Christmas program. She wears it for exactly the one hour of the show and then it sits there in her closet until she out grows it.
   Now, wal-mart has shitty clothes. Wash them more then 5 times and I can guarantee a button is lose or a seam is blowing out. Aside from that, they are cheap in price. Perfect for a one hour performance.
   Pre-teen girls notoriously have every worry in the world when it comes to clothing. Emotional melt downs are bound to happen in that humiliating cramped little fitting room. We needed a basic plain little outfit, nothing fancy. Black pants and a somewhat holidayish looking top, maybe a cardigan and a nice blouse.
   First off, whoever was responsible for hanging the shirts on the hangers failed to match the "S" on the hanger with the shirt that was actually a small. The sizes were all mixed up. We tried on 3 size smalls in the exact same style of shirt and all of them fit completely different. So, if you have the misfortune of shopping for shitty made clothes that have been hung on the wrong hangers, beware that there is no rhyme or reason or regard given to consistent sleeve lengths or necklines.
   After about the 5th trip back outside of the cramped little cubicle called a fitting room in search of another white blouse, the fitting room lady entered the picture.
I'm a rule follower. Really, I am like that.
   Wal-mart has to hire their temporary folks to keep up with the demand of the masses in search of their treasures. But, this lady took the cake. There she stands literally 4 feet away from the dressing room door where my peril is taking place. My sweet daughter in tears of frustration with feeling confident enough to play her "recorder solo" in front of parents and students. I know that wal-mart bitch could hear me consoling  my child and doing my best to ease her concerns of what outfit would be the best choice. We had tried many things.
  Then this toothless wonder in her wrinkly tan slacks and uncombed hair speaks up and says " You know, she's only suppose to have 6 items in there." Sure, we had probably 10 items in our cubicle. I'm pretty sure the nasty wal-mart employee has done her fair share of shop lifting. I have not, nor do I look suspicious or of ill character. I understand "rules are rules" but, was it necessary for her to add her two cents into an already stressful situation?
   Thanks wal-mart for hiring some defunct looking bag lady to work at your store. Thanks for having shitty made clothing. Thanks for building a 3 foot plywood space smack dab in the middle of your store and calling it a fitting room.
   I avoid wal-mart in general. I rarely shop there. Mister does a good portion of our grocery shopping and sometimes he shops there. I prefer to support local owned business. I like meat from a butcher and bread from a baker. Produce from a produce stand and I would go straight to a farmer for milk but hey that's illegal. You gotta buy it all pasteurized and stuff.
   Wait, back to my wal-mart rant.
  We finally found a nice pair of black flats and a cute pair of black pants for my little buddy. She will play the best recorder solo ever performed before a live audience, for this I am sure. We decided that she has a few cardigans and couple festive looking pieces of jewelry at home already, and her little outfit will be just fine. Her nerves have been calmed and all is well.
   I have many wonderful aspects to be thankful for this holiday season. My life is rich with family, friends, good health and all my needs met. My world must function quite differently than the mainstream American crowd that shops at wally world. Because, I don't see how the place stays in business. The stores are like being in an airplane hanger. It holds no charm for me whatsoever. I really should stick with what best suites me. That store is not it!
wal-mart is the hell of retail shopping

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  1. Oh my gawd, yeah, wal-mart is the worst. Every time I shop there, I vow to never step foot in the store again. Yet, somehow, I manage to need something so badly after 10:00 pm on Sunday when more decent stores are closed. I regret it every single time.

    I hate everything about the store! It think it smells like popcorn and death. And then you stand on line for 30 minutes, yet it only takes you 42 seconds to complete your order. Everyone else seems to take 10 minutes per crappy item, for whatever reason. Then as a thank-you, you're treated to inspection upon exit by their door greeters. I mean. Seriously.