Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine's Boxes

Actually in this case it's a Valentine's bag. My entourage of components on the Valentine Express are each unique. Today, I baked these. I hauled my rooster killing self out of bed this morning and made Cinnamon Sticks for a few people I know.

First round went to Mister and Aimee.

The mailman hopefully enjoyed his share at breakfast. Wrapped, rather cradled in a piece of tin foil, this aromatic delight was still warm when round two went out the door this morning.

The coarse sugar on top is the crowning touch. I used the breadstick recipe found here and adapted it with the use of Bakers Cinnamon Filling. At 6:30 AM it's nice to have little short cuts like this ready mixed product from King Arthur Flour. It's my first time using it. I trusted my instinct and a few of the reviews written about this product and used it sparingly. It's a power flavor layer. I could have used less and still managed a subtle yet present flavor.
I'm sure a nice brown sugar and cinnamon layer would be good here too. It was a treat to have the new product in my loot this morning when I assembled these.

I can see a fig filling or date filling recipe in my future. Each section of this generous dish comes apart nicely and holds it shape well when you are trying to bite into it. It's a good thing the Express is headed out early taking along with it a nice serving of this. Now, I'm convinced that I have to make this recipe again with a few different fillings, savory and sweet. As long as my cooking is to be shared with others, then there's no real worry that I might eat all of my experiments.

Round three all bagged up. It's ready to be delivered into the hands of my Aunt and Uncle. I somehow see this round being served with a cup of coffee.

Shamelessly throughout the early morning I've nibbled my way through a nice sized chunk. There is another bag waiting to go with another funny valentine.

As to how I adapted this recipe, No cheese filling, duh that's obvious. Enter the new cinnamon shortcut to the recipe. Also, prior to baking I used the egg and milk wash but omitted the oregano and garlic. Instead after applying the egg wash I sprinkled the dough with coarse sugar. After the sticks were done, I mixed up a little powdered sugar with milk to a nice drizzle consistency and let 'er rip.

If I make this 2 more times over the weekend with variations, I think I will have mastered it!

Okay, so where's the awesome da da da music and some emblem of excellence bestowed upon me.

Valentine's Day past.

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