Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cheese Stuffed Breadsticks

Yeast based recipes and I are not friends. I love them. But, fickle as a teenager, I tremble in the mere presence of that lump of dough. I love it, then I'm afraid of it. I've told you this before. Still, I jumped back on the bread baking band wagon once again. Every great bread baker tells me, with experience I too can turn out a great loaf of bread.

Hey, I think try and fail... try and fail might be the key. Today, I baked. It didn't fail.

Kudos to you ladies who whip up a batch of dinner rolls and have them ready for your family, at dinner time actually serving them with dinner. I told Mister, "I want to learn how to crank out a batch of dinner rolls as effortlessly as I whip up cornbread and biscuits."

This recipe might just do that for me.

Yes, we are eating on the fly, out of the pan. Tonight we bellied up to the bake sheet with a bowl of warmed spaghetti sauce and called it dinner.

I love to read the food blogs and look at their photos. The best and most often used resources for me are actual cookbooks. Today though, I followed Goody's link to Mennonite Girls Can Cook's recipe.

I am more than happy to send you on over to their site for this great recipe.

I'm going to make another pan of these on Saturday to take to my post office. Those folks work hard and deserve a warm treat after trudging around in this bone chilling cold weather we are having.

A simple 20 minute rise time. These looked delicious even before they were baked!
Yes, the kitchen is still a mess but, I cleared the piled from the dining room table and made Cheese Stuffed Breadsticks!

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