Saturday, March 2, 2013


Today marked a special day in our family. My children have been blessed with a Grandpa who is loving and caring. Grandpa retired from his life long career of dentistry this week. Although, I never have called him by the title of Dad, he has been a father to me. There's no real reason why I never adopted calling him by that title. He certainly has been everything a father should be to their children.

At the age of 80 years old and a career of 57 years David is now free to nap when he wants. He mentioned something about chickens and alpacas. One never knows. He's a determined man and we may very well find that he's become a chicken farmer.

I hope my children will take to heart his example and dedicate themselves to a career they love. My mom has been blessed with a loving husband. She is aging too. I'm glad she has him by her side and as a result of his retirement they will have more time to spend together as they grow older. My children will be lucky to find a relationship like I have with Mister and my mother has with her David.

A milestone for our family has been marked. Grandpa has retired.

Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday that my Mom was remarrying after my father's death. I was a young woman. My mom was younger than I am today. It's very surreal to see my parents aging and watching my children become adults with their own lives. I've been blessed.

We marked this milestone with a few gift wrapped books, a funny card, and a nice lunch at a local steak house. Afterwards we returned back to my parents house to share in some coffee and ice cream cake. A humble celebration to mark the accomplishment of an outstanding career.

We love you Grandpa! Enjoy those naps.

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