Thursday, July 11, 2013


Mister tells me not to worry about measuring up to other people. He tells me "You live life on your own terms." Well, I'm not a doctor, lawyer, or Indian Chief. I prefer being called a Specialist in Re-sale Merchandise. Ha. Most of us in the business of re-sale aren't nearly as slick as the televised version of the profession. I try not to measure myself against the upper crust elite of small town America. It's unfair to expect everyone to understand the joy of living a slow down, uncomplicated life. Mister keeps me real.

I have to share a story with you. Last weekend, Mister and I were out making our rounds to our favorite antique stores. Along the way we saw a Garage Sale sign. We stopped. As we entered the garage a display caught my eye. There were several neatly typed pieces of paper glued to a poster board. I read the words written by a girl who had just graduated high school. She went on to explain her home school life. What struck me the most was her "knowing to her very core" she never wanted to go onto college. She always knew her hearts desire was to be a mother and a wife. Still she wasn't ready for that step either. The point of the garage sale was to raise money for a mission trip that she was planning. She had saved and earned the money for her passport and needed extra money. Her church and family were helping to raise the cash needed.

Really, how refreshing.

Once upon a time there was respect given to women who loved and devoted their time to their spouse and children. It's an honorable job. It's an inspiring position. Many of us aren't in the position financially to live that life. Even the women who have the monetary freedom to live their life in that position of devotion, if  they were being honest, would tell you that their fellow female often views them as inferior for not pursuing an income or career. I say, "All hail to the woman who make this choice."

With 3 adult children and one child still at home, my role has evolved. I have loved and parented and worked, and stayed home. My kids have loved and hated me at different times. Still my devotion has always been one of putting them first. I used to clean houses in the morning, go home to make dinner and help with homework, and then deliver pizza's in the evening. Back in the days of old.

Mister and I have built a business now that enables me to work from home. It's not glamorous. In fact, I have had 6 different females work with me over the years. None of them stuck with it. Each one had other things to move on to. Understandable, and totally okay, yet I do feel for certain that it takes a unique trait to motivate yourself everyday for working at home.

I buy cool things. We sell them. Then my job is to ship the treasure all over the country. It's hard, often dirty, cold, not glamorous and/or frustrating but that's how I make my money.

For the kid at the garage sale who knows her path in life, I will say prayers. It's not a welcoming place out in the world. I hope she finds a spouse like my Mister who understands the value of that dream. I hope one day her children can appreciate the sacrifice of self that she has made for them. I also hope her fellow female neighbors shows her the respect that she will deserve for having made that choice. She will be living life on her own terms.

Living life on my own terms.

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