Saturday, January 4, 2014

Carlo's Bake Shop

Historical travels are my favorite types of adventures. A recent visit to NYC included a stop in Hoboken, New Jersey. We arrived at Carlos Bake Shop in the wee early hours of the morning and were met with freshly stocked cases filled with every holiday pastry that you can imagine.
Wee early hours.

 Although no founding fathers, revolutionary heroes, or remarkable inventors were on hand during this escapade, there was chocolate and puff pastry. Sweet confections proudly take a seat beside historical visits in my book. I do find it cool that this bakery is family owned and has been for many years. Let's hope someday it will be featured as a historical spot for the youngsters of future generations.

I would have liked to have wandered around this quaint street awhile longer but our visits were brief and my focus remained on the plethora of sugared concoctions which were mass produced by the famous crew of the Cake Boss family.

We purchased several boxes full of cannolis, cream puffs, and various treats. I left Mister in charge of making the selections and standing in line to pay while I wandered around snapping photographs and taking in the atmosphere.

Our purchases didn't include cake. I would have enjoyed sampling them. We can all consider a cake or two online right here. Alas, our pastries were savored when we arrived back home. Some were put in our freezer to hold until we could share them with family.
Our trip into New York city included a stop at Vincent's and we also sampled a cannoli there.
More on that another time.

Are strawberries a good choice for a cake in December? In my neck of the woods strawberries are an anemic flavorless mass this time of year. As I mentioned earlier, I did not taste any of the cakes so perhaps the Cake Boss has a special stash of delicious berries that I am unaware of.

With envy I admired the handiwork of the bakers and their pastry bags. The layer cookies held a special fascination for me. This is meticulous business right there. I'm not even sure that I would ever attempt to make those. This impressed me.
The pastries were good. I preferred the cannoli over the cream puffs. This stop was a great way to start the morning after riding upright in a bus all night long. Our red eye trip into the city was a time we will never forget. Eighteen plus hours on a bus and and 15 hours of speed sight seeing is an exhilarating experience which screams adventure and memories.

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