Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baked Doughnuts

Finished Product

The recipe for the Chocolate Fudge Doughnuts can be found here. This was my first adventure with baked doughnuts in a doughnut pan. I will call it a success judging by flavor and texture. Being as this is my first attempt, it's somewhat tricky to make a call on the method and appearance portion.
My batter over flowed out of the said holes. But with the use a sharp knife I was able to trim off the over flowed edges and center holes to create a proper shape.
As for this particular recipe, I ended up with extra batter which was used up in mini muffins pans. Total yield from the batter was 12 cake doughnuts and 7 mini muffins.
I will use my doughnut pans again. I'm not sure if I will repeat using this particular recipe. It's an experimental adventure in doughnuts.
The trimmings off of the basic shape was pretty delicious too!

Shaping and Trimming

Do you have any baked doughnut experiences to share?

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