Monday, January 13, 2014

Cocoa Powder

Learning new things at my age makes a lasting impression. I'm left with the question as to how I've managed to get through life this far without knowing this information. Take cocoa powder for instance. My pantry has always contained that familiar brown can of cocoa powder and that was enough for me. Certainly the only difference was cost and possibly a slightly higher quality but, no...there is much more complexity to cocoa powder.

 Ignorance is only bliss until you discover the information. Now I'm left with wondering how many recipes could have been better if I had researched my cocoa powder choices further. This is a little thing. The world has major issues. Yet cocoa powder still tops my list of major concerns today.

There's gonna be a new cocoa powder (or two) about to move in on that brown can in the pantry. There's a few recipes I need to remake. Turns out that cocoa powder is acidic and different levels of acid in different types effect the outcome of recipes more than I ever realized. Cocoa powder acts as a leavening agent as well as a flavoring. Who knew??

Yep, I'm not a trained professional just an average person learning as I go. Now, what about that butter?? More research is needed...

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