Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Deep Thoughts (zip it)

Deep Thoughts (oh blogger please offer a new fancy font)
 We never really know how we'll react or handle situations until that very moment we are experiencing them. I mean we can prepare for tornadoes, fires, chemical spills that leave us without water for days, but how will we really deal with them? 

Take for instance, getting old. My parents are old. They are not getting old, they are there. Somehow I assumed they had some sort of plan. I assumed they were aware of their aging and the two of them made some sort of decisions and made some plans. Turns out, old age played a dirty trick on them and they are not prepared. With failing eyesight and faulty memories, my now aged parents are in need of some guidance. 

This is when I ask myself, have I prepared for the aging "process"? Mister and I have a vague idea of what we want. 

Something that falls somewhere between this poem and video clip. In a funny sentimental sort of way.

Every time I consider a serious thoughtful expression, my mind is taken back to the Jack Handy days. Just click it, you'll chuckle!

Will You Love Me When I'm Old?
 Author unknown

I would ask of you, my darling,
A question, soft and low,
That gives me many a heartache.
As the moments come and go.

Your love, I know, is truthful,
But the truest love grows cold;
It is this that I would ask you:
Will you love me when I'm old?

Life's morn will soon be waning,
And its evening bells shall toll,
But my heart shall know no sadness
If you'll love me when I'm old.

Down the stream of life together
We sail on side by side.
Hoping some bright day to anchor
Safe beyond its surging tide.

Today our sky is cloudless,
But the night may clouds unfold;
And though storms may gather round us,
Will you love me when I'm old?

When my hair shall shade the snowdrift
And mine eyes shall dimmer grow,
I would lean upon some loved one
Through the valley as I go.

I would claim of you a promise
Worth to me a world of gold;
It is only this, my darling,
That you'll love me when I'm old.

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