Saturday, January 18, 2014


Let's consider for a minute the "all you can eat buffet". Lots, and lots and lots of food. Average at best. All we can expect from most establishments is to find a loaded up trough and the waiter calling "sooie". You are likely to get a plate full of sodium and a cheap meal. Average would actually be a compliment.

Move down the street a few store fronts and you are likely to find a grocery store selling underwear and fresh fish. I cannot be the only human alive on this planet thinking it's unsettling to hear the store manager make an announcement promoting their frozen fish stick special while I'm considering a fruit of the loom purchase.

Gas station hot dogs anyone? I've done it. It's a gross notion and a dark secret but yes I have fell prey to the hot dog, big ass cola, and bag of chips marketing.

Where can we find originality these days. Hamburger joints sell chicken and doughnut joints are selling sandwiches.

Does every store, restaurant, and business with an ATM have to cash in on every single item the crazy consumer might want, need, or ask for?

Mediocre is normal. Taking great photos of food and posting them on a blog is normal. However, great looking photos of food are not usually actual food. If it is actual food, by the time the photographer has found the right photo, the right lighting, the proper drip to the frosting, trust me you will not want to eat most of what is getting dressed up for you these days. I know this because I photograph real food, in a real kitchen, in real time. Very little posing goes into my food photos. Because, hey guess what I'm not a photographer. So yes, mediocre is my guilt as well.
But damn it, at least I'm real!

The all you can eat buffet looks fantastic to the eye.So it goes with the internet. An all you can eat buffet of information. Let's face it, the attention span of the average person whipping around on their devices barely have time to do much more than look at the pretty frosting anyways. They've already headed over to the other part of the buffet to pile on more of that below average substandard products into their memory banks.

I like my internet reading to have some sort of substance to it. I try to provide that here. That's not to say on occasion a big ass cola post isn't going to show up. But, it's going to be served up in a genuine real human sort of way.

What has spurred this rant you asked? Okay, fine you don't give a darn as to why. I spent a good amount of time updating my online reading material. It's all so trendy. Ugh! Every blog is just like the other, none of these things just don't belong. Give me some reading where I don't have to read the recipe for something that links to the original which has linked from the other original which links to yet another original. Chances are all of this linky business is just copycats and lazy people who do not want to take the time to research something worth writing about or at least something unique.

I like specialty meals. Enough of this "sooie" in the foodie writing world.

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