Friday, March 14, 2014


National PI Day.

On a light and casual note, I baked two pies today. The standard pecan pie. I must admit I've become lazy in my efforts with baking this type of pie and the last two times, my pecan pies have been a bit of a disappointment. On the flipside, is a wonderful Coconut Cream Pie that will rank among the tastiest pies of all time. Sure, the recipe will be posted soon. For now though, here's an update.

"We never really know." My mom spoke those words to me this evening. No truer words have ever been uttered. We never really know how our life or the lives of those we love will go from day to day or even minute by minute.

Have you ever been thrown into the thick of things and caught so completely off guard that your reaction is only a mere functioning in the moment? Is a reaction a conscious decision choice or just merely a knee jerk.

There is a long list of things in this world that are troubling. I've discussed with you before my somewhat sheltered point of view. I limit my television viewing. I virtually never read news for current events. For the most part I'm happily oblivious to the horrors that man kind inflict on one another.

As of late, my attention has been drawn towards the aging community in our country. From a personal point of view and an overall learning experience to the needs, rights, and struggles of the elderly. I am shocked to read of the outright disgusting ways in which the elderly are exploited.

Never before has it been clearer to me that everyone should have some sort of plan in place to protect themselves from the misdeeds of others as we age.

It's not possible to know every aspect of what our plan should detail but, everyone should think ahead and consider their needs. Put a plan in place to protect your rights. Struggling as we age is a given, especially when we consider our every increasing life expectancy. But, we never really know.

We never really know if our spouse will stand by us through thick and thin.
We never really know if good physicians will make good decisions. Or will we have the misfortune of getting a doctor who is more concerned about the BMW or the late flight into town.
We never really know if the community or church, will remember our good deeds and return the deeds in kind.
We never really know if the things that matter most dear to us will mean anything to others.
We never really know....

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