Monday, February 10, 2014

Thing that make me go...(insert eye rolling)

Being open minded, is this the point these days? Or is it to have no real convictions about anything and just click "like" and "share" and "pin"?

I consider myself open minded. I'm not racist, or homo phobic, or a radical in my faith system. I feel compassion and concern for the homeless. Mister and I regularly give generous donations to area food banks and our local Salvation Army. No, I'm not looking for praise and adoration. I just know the next few paragraphs will have me coming off like a merciless fool. So, this is my attempt to humanize myself to the reader prior to being ripped up one side and back down the other for posting what could possibly leave me with some negative fall out.

It all started like this...
Who the hell is running the treatment facilities for drug use in your town?

 We have a treatment center in our town. As far as I know it's a good one and a successful one. I really have no information one way or the other with regards to it's effectiveness. I just know it exists.
Epidemic...this word use to mean something else in our culture didn't it??

 In my small part of the world it's said "heroin is an epidemic" Yes, people are over dosing. It's a sad sad sad thing. I have loved ones in my life that I have feared were some how involved in this horrible demon. I have known people who have lost loved ones to the never ending soul sucking addiction. Also,  there have been friends who have cried and watched their child get clean and then use again.

I'm not judging. I can't say for sure why I am even writing about this. It's part of the basic thinking of an average person, I suppose. Sometimes things just make more sense to me after I have hammered them out on the keyboard.

 Sure, I will make my private thoughts public for all of the world to criticize and trample. Or embrace and savor.

You see, or local law enforcement is holding a meeting. A meeting asking for the help of the community to come up with solutions to address the over doses and the local junkie. WOW. People are passionate about this subject. Ranging from the approach of "let them die because they are horrible sinners that need Jesus" to let's all hold their hands and sing happy little songs to them and make their world perfect. Then there are the ever haunting words of tough love.

Just who in the hell is running the drug rehabs? Is it some guy who use to be an addict that has found Jesus? Some guy who thinks he can have a cup of coffee and a pep talk with the junkie and by golly that's gonna fix it?

I think these rehab places that pop up under some tax exempt status preying on the lost souls of drug abuse are a sham.

Let's be clear we are talking about mental illness. I would not take a heart attack victim to a center run by amateurs and expect them to come out with a clean bill of health. But, we just do not have the same rules in play when it comes to doctoring someone with an illness that originates from the brain. If the illness originates from the kidneys or the heart or the liver everyone wants to go see the top surgeon.

The junkie who has an illness of the brain gets some dumpy little center in an old school building or a church ran by some scam artist who hangs some artsy looking paintings on the wall which are suppose to hold some deeper meaning to life. A coffee pot propped on a counter and some lame group therapy.

Or jail.

I feel compassion more so for the heart attack victim. Really, I know this is horrible. The person who suffers from heart disease but, does not take any positive steps to change their condition is just as self damning as the junkie.

A part of me wants to go to that meeting. A big part of me. I want to go in and see who is preying on the junkie. Who is looking to posture for a political advantage or financial gain. I'm curious. How can a bunch of local people who have no education in drug abuse or mental illness offer anything to help local law enforcement fix the problem of heroin trafficking and overdoses. What agenda is being ran?

I just cannot stand the simplistic view tossed around. I just cannot sit in a room full of people who have no credentials and listen to them shoot off their mouths about how to cure the drug problems.

The war on drugs is a big epic fail. The treatment of this failure is big business.

I will hold my head high and be thankful that my income is earned without exploiting my fellow human, especially when they are at their weakest.

We have DARE in our schools. The education is out there.
Church attendance is at it's top numbers.
We are supposedly in an economic hard times in our country.

We have money for dope though. Just who is not getting the message. I don't have any answers. I don't have any solutions.

I'm open minded. But damned confused about this subject.

The good treatment centers deserve a pat on the back.

I have convictions. My convictions include being anti stupid people. Stupid people who just want to feel self important by pretending to know how to fix a problem that is way over their heads.

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