Thursday, June 12, 2014

Victory Path

There's Cilantro to be harvested in the herb bed. I happen to enjoy a nice bowl of Cilantro Soup. Alas, no one else in this house agrees. I might still make some just for me.

Look at the color of these snapdragons. I dearly love them. Snapdragons are an annual flower but, I've had good luck with dead heading the flowers, allowing the spent bloom to disintegrate into the soil. and the following year the snapdragons have returned.
What lovely blooms are you growing?

Look at this kid. She's so competitive. Tonight, they lost their game. As she strolled towards me with her gear slung over her shoulder, she said " Don't even talk to me yet". She played a good game. Made a fantastic catch and threw the ball to third base for a double play. She's still learning that small individual victories are just as important as the glamor moments in life.

Look at my crooked little path. It's mossing up nicely. An area between two buildings was just a pile of rubble and grossly overgrown with ferns and piled with debris cluttered waist high. I managed to scrounge around the yard of what was our new home at the time and find enough old worn bricks to create a lovely pathway. The moss is just a lovely addition that endears the crooked path all the more to my heart. Some people prefer the straight and narrow path free of moss and ferns. I like my rickety old wobbly one.
Look more snapdragons. We watched a young baby cardinal bird struggle to fly the other day. Under the watchful eye of both Momma and Pappa Cardinal. The little bird wandered around for about 45 minutes trying to get it right. Each time he flew a little higher. As night time approached, he was last seen wandering his way around this patch of snapdragons. I hope he made it off on to his birdie journey safe and sound.

No recipes of profound nature are being doled out around this house as of late. We have two upcoming doctor appointments this week, another step towards complete healthy recovery of my Mister. For now, hot dogs, grilled cheese with tomatoes, and smoothies are about as creative that I get as a cook.

Take care all,
plant something,
you will be glad you did.
No matter what,
if you grew it
It's yours.
Find something to grow
Patience, and kindness are nice things to harvest.

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  1. Yes to individual victories!

    I fed the birds stale white cake today (shhh, don't tell the birding experts) and we had all sorts of new birds show up, a few fledglings sitting there mouths gaping open waiting for their mothers to feed them. What can I say? Wee ones like cake.

    Wishing you all well,