Thursday, November 13, 2014

New, Used, Not Amused

Are you a dust free on top of the refrigerator type of person? Or do you just pile random stuff and loaves of bread up there, sort of like an extra shelf. Maybe you have a cupboard above your ice box, the type of cupboard no one can ever reach
Last week our new refrigerator was scheduled to arrive. I hauled out all of our food from the freezer and loaded everything into a cooler. Then I proceeded to pitch, cook, or load the entire contents out of the refrigerator into another cooler. The condiments took up temporary residency in the kitchen sink.

The old side by side refrigerator has been a pain in the butt from day one. The freezer cramped my style. Have you ever tried putting a frozen ice cream cake or a whole pizza in a side by side? Well just forget that plan.
 After hating this refrigerator for quite a few years, we decided to go deep into the wallet for a more user friendly version. In general, Mister and I are smart with our money. This purchase was a complete luxury for our home.

Have I painted a picture of desperation and frustration? Food in a cooler, refrigerator unplugged, and sold in fact, ready to be picked up and hauled away by it's new owner. Finally my day of refrigerator nirvana had arrived.
 I waited. Patiently. Waited.
No delivery truck arrived.

A phone call to the Depot confirmed my worst fear. They were not coming. Apparently someone at the big box store failed to call us and reschedule our delivery.
My deluxe apartment in the sky dreams were dwindling quick.
My wonderful french doors, freezer on the bottom, ice and water in the door, was on back order.
 No. The "someones gonna get it" attitude gets inserted here.

The Depot's answer was to bring me out a "loaner" refrigerator.
I am now stuck with this little dinky stainless steel hunk of crap refrigerator temporarily until my refrigerator is available. I'm 7 days into using it and will be waiting until the 21st for the goods to be delivered. Am I complaining? Nah, not really, I'm looking forward to my first "new" refrigerator and other than a lot of frustration, extra work moving my food from coolers, and huge disappointment, I'm cool.
Here are a few things which can usually be found atop my refrigerator

The cookbooks I go to most often for inspiration. I like having them there, right on top of the refrigerator, at my fingertips.
Somehow I have managed to raise 4 children and get by with used appliances for all of these years. A few more days of waiting for the holy grail of chill to arrive should only serve to make me appreciate it all the more.
Still come on, get it right Depot!


  1. I'm a little frightened by how many of those cookbooks I also own.

  2. If I add my two Paula Peck cookbooks to the pile and my canning cookbooks, I could live with those alone. I have sorted and parted with several large stacks of cookbooks lately.