Sunday, January 11, 2015

Still Fussing

The glass is cut and the edges are ground smooth. Next step is washing each pane and securing them into their forever spots. Then caulking with brown caulk,learning as I go and discovering the joy of working with Glazing Compound. Applying a coat of oil based primer prior to glazing. Creating a hanger to suspend the entire thing as a free hanging piece in my upstairs window. So, I'm still a few weeks away from completion though I'm happy with the progress thus far.
I took a few close up photos so that you can see not only the variety in colors but in textures as well. The big pieces had me so intimidated as I cut them it made my palms sweat.

You're viewing the backside of the frame. When completed and facing right side out, the iridescent quality of the green panel will be visible. Each piece of glass is unique. I'm not an expert, in fact, a beginner is a better description. I'm self taught and likely have broken many stained glass protocols but, I'm not striving to enter this into an art fair. It's meant to bring cheer to my hallway and make my family smile!

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