Tuesday, February 16, 2016


What's new in the world of 3D printing? Some amazing stuff. If we consider just the one aspect of regenerative medicine, this alone falls into the category of amazing. Personally I'm astounded by the notion of taking cells from an injured person and using those cells to grow new cell material which can then be manipulated by a 3D printer into becoming a permanent solution to heal their wounds. It's not science fiction. Growing organ and tissue replacements in the laboratory in conjunction with machine made human parts has a chance of becoming a reality for those in need. Of course, as with everything in our world, obtaining funding for the research is a challenge.

Mister and I had a neat glimpse into this world on a much smaller scale this past weekend. In Canton, Ohio at The Cultural Center of the Arts we attended a unique show of sorts. Lauded as a show for the geeks, freaks and weirdos of the universe, Oddmall came to Canton and sat up camp. Yes, we spent our Valentine's weekend among the finest group of reasonably pleasant, down right nice nerdy folks whom all gathered to sell their wares of peculiar oddities. Ohio is wonderful at embracing their farmers, Amish, and those of us who walk to the sound of our own inner dialogue.

One nice fellow had his 3D printer on display to which he was selling the products created by the machine. Not human tissue. Although that would have fascinated me.

Department 100 patiently explained the technology over and over again to the curious onlookers as they watched the machine in action. His enthusiasm was almost contagious. I've been aware of 3D printing and would honestly tell you that aside from knowing it existed, I never gave it much thought. New things make me curious. In a Baby Huey sort of way sometimes.You can read more about Department 100 here and take a look at the products available for purchase online.

If you've read much of this blog, then you know, I never claim to be anything more than just an average human being. I'm not about to attempt to educate you on this fascinating subject. That's up to you to further expose yourself to the nuts and bolts of how it all works. The point of sharing this information with you is simply to peek your curiosity on the subject.

Ohioans are proud people. I purchased a cool OHIO 3D printed object from Department 100 to place in Mister's office. It's a nifty little chachki which serves as a reminder for me of the exciting future in medicine and how healing is addressed.

Cancer is big business and no one seems to be able to find a cure despite a kazillion dollars being donated each year to research. Is it really possible the hope lies within 3D printing of new human parts? What cancer destroys, a machine regenerates. This sounds reasonable.

Department 100 inadvertently and without knowledge made me think of greater and bigger things. Although the planters, cookie cutters, and key fobs were most excellent.What really excites this Ohioan is the progress that will be made in our human evolution with this type of technology.

I hope I've given you things to consider. Consider embracing your inner geek and learn more about the fascinating world of science. Or science fiction. Or the arts. Or buying stuff from people and not buying junk from big commercial fat cat retailers.

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