Sunday, February 28, 2016

Heirloom Seeds

I'm excited and watching the mailbox. Seeds are on the way to my door from a pretty cool seed company. The Baker Creek Heirloom Rare Seed Company has fascinating choices. Sadly, quite a few items have already sold out. I would have dearly loved to have planted the black tomatoes. Maybe next time around. I did however manage to snag the chickpeas, lentils and cumin seed.

Every seed we've ordered is new to our garden. I have never grown any of these items before. It's sure to be an adventure.

The garden has become as mundane as the kitchen. This past year we neglected our garden in a tragic way. We still harvested a decent amount of food but, it wasn't pretty. Weeds over took and I dare say I felt embarrassed every time I stood over the tiny plot and looked at the overgrown mess. Oh well ,this year we will do better. Boredom with the same old crops. Aside from onions and of course potatoes, this years garden will be as never before.

Just as I am venturing into cooking Indian cuisine, we are also planting companion foods in our garden. I hope I can find a good rocky soil around my house for the lentils to thrive.

I'm tapping my foot and patiently waiting for the package of seeds and spring to arrive!


  1. I adore Baker Creek! One year we grew their preserving melon that is essentially like a watermelon without fruit-you candy the rind. We grew their black icicle tomatoes one year-they were OK, but not much different than a Roma tomato-could have been our soil.

    We're growing cumin this year too-in a large bag bed out back. I'll be curious to know how it works for you. Fresh chickpeas are just about the greatest thing, ever. We can buy bags of them at the Mexican grocer, so I won't take up space growing them, but oh they are delicious.

    I might be more excited about your garden than mine!

    1. Of course you are growing cumin. I would expect nothing less, we do seem to gear towards the same things on a fairly consistent basis. Although you dress way cooler than I do! And your jewelry is never to be outdone. I'm plain Jane. I have plenty of gardening space that has not been utilized since we moved to this house. In fact we've talked about doing a few rows of corn this year which we have not done in 4 years I think. We'll see. The chickpeas can hog up as much space as they want. I want to see how they look growing on the vine/bush. I do hope all is well in your little garden this year.