Sunday, March 27, 2016

Quinoa is Up

This Easter day in Ohio we were lucky enough to have beautiful blue skies and temperatures in the upper 70's. Which is pretty outstanding considering snow is not unheard of on Easter, in this neck of the woods.
 We had an average, pretty much okay Easter breakfast. A formality really. Not one of my better days at the stove top. My true mission for the day was to take a cake to my Mom. I baked her a cake which has been her all time favorite Breakfast Bundt Cake since I was a child. We rolled out the door around noon.
Before heading out I strolled back to the garden and found the quinoa had made an appearance just in time for Easter. It made my day actually.

The tiny little red plants have sprung from the tiny little seeds. I hope with my fingers crossed that the plants thrive. As suspected the row is somewhat chaotic. Certainly the thunderstorm on the evening I planted the seeds must have washed them out of their place somewhat. I don't care. Quinoa is growing in my yard. Isn't this fantastic? Further research is needed on the tolerance of cold though. I fear with this ever changing Ohio weather that these tiny little plants could be in for the ride of their life.

Nothing says Happy Easter quite like a daffodil. They make me smile. When I think of the many dynamics that I have had with the human beings in my life, one thing remains honest and true. Plant life.

 I think I've drawn this conclusion before. The real joy of gardening is harvesting or reaping what we have sown. Faith systems often draw a parallel between our human relationships and their outcomes in terms of reaping what we sow, as in if we foster and put forth effort into those relationships then we will surely reap a bountiful harvest. I'm here to tell you people this is not always true. Sometimes we can pour our hearts and souls into those we love and the harvest is meager and disappointing. This Easter my day was filled with the ones I love. My husband, my children, my mother. Surrounded by goodness and love. This has not always been the case.

 In those times, plant life has been the rewards for my nurturing.

I'm thankful the quinoa showed up today. It's a constant reminder of how healthy and rewarding gardening can be in our lives. Right in my yard. There's food growing. Hand sown. Hand grown. It's a pleasing sense of accomplishment.

Happy Easter if you celebrate. Happy March 27th if you don't.

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